Georgetown MSFS Fall 2019 Class Visits

Thank you for your interest in visiting a class. Please see our Visiting MSFS web page for a list of classes prospective students are invited to visit this fall. You can also sign up for an MSFS information session (held Mondays and Fridays) on this web page.

Requesting a class visit:

Visit this web page. for a list of classes that are available for class visits. Unfortunately we are unable to offer visits to classes not listed on the aforementioned page.

Select the time slot below that matches the start time of the class you are interested in attending. For example, if the class begins Tuesday at 2 p.m., please click on Tuesday’s “2:00 PM” button below and then fill out the form on the following page.

Important note:

This booking is not final until you receive a confirmation from the MSFS Admissions Team with the student’s name and email. Please contact us with any questions at